There are million reasons why you might want to tracks your employees or kids mobile phone. And for each and every one of them, Softwaremee is the best Android mobile phone tracking software to monitor your employee’s or child’s cell phone and tablet usage. Once installed Softwremee remails completely undetectable and monitor all real time activities instantly. You don’t have to root your android device to install this software. Softwaremee Android mobile phone tracking software installs easily and all recorded data is sent to secure web based account which allows you to track or monitor your employees or kids real time activities remotely from any location.

All Necessary Features to Track android Mobile Phones –

Monitor From Anywhere –

You can monitor your kids or employees real time activities from anywhere and from your phone, pc or laptop. You can use the same interface to monitor multiple devices.

No Rooting Required –

This software does not require to root your android mobile phone. Rooting is very complicated task and beware of this time of application.

Photos –

View all videos and photos saved in the android mobile phone remotely.

Text Messages –

See MMS and SMS text messages received and sent on android devices. This software helps parents to protect their children from the things like sexting.

Website History –

See all the website searched and visited in mobile phone.

Call Log History –

You can monitor all calls received and made by this software. This software also records all voice call with time of call, number and duration.

GPS Location –

Follow and track your child all previous and current location easily.

Whatsapp and facebook messenger –

Sell all facebook and whatsapp messenger outgoing and incoming messages.

Installed Apps –

You can view all applications that are installed in target mobile phone using Softwaremee android mobile tracking software.